Are you a teacher, a parent, a student? Have you heard, or said:

  • Why do we have to learn this?

  • When am I ever going to need this?

  • Why do I need to know about something that happened long ago?

  • History is sooo boring ...

The iHistorian philosophy is NOT to teach history, but to make you a part of it. (primary sources)

In creating lessons, care and attention are paid to immerse the learner in historical context and allow them to become the "historian" themselves. The three i's of inspire, instruct, and inform are evident in everything we produce. We aim to inspire people to want to learn about history. We aim to instruct teachers and home school parents on content and techniques to make history come alive. We aim to inform people about history by putting them in historical events and allowing them to interpret history for themselves.

The iHistorian benefits

Within the pages of this website, through the written and video blog posts, through our resources pages, we bring more than 30 years of teaching experience and expertise into your daily life. Through teacher training programs, videos, articles, and resources - teachers can be more effective, home school parents can excite their children, and independent study students can learn to become independent thinkers of history.

The iHistorian advantage

  • 30+ years in public and private education experience

  • Classroom teaching

  • Curriculum development

  • Teacher professional development

  • Individual and group coaching

  • National Award Winning Curriculum

  • Primary source focused curricular materials

Harvard University, 2021 Honoring Nations Award (HONORS)

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