Primary Source Series

Students investigate, inquire, and experience history by studying primary source documents.

Holiday Series

Students study and learn about major holidays, the history, and primary sources surrounding the creation of some holidays.

Rigorous Warm Ups Series

Students learn bits of history in a "... this day in history ..." format that highlights an important historical event that falls on a given day. All 366 days included (leap year).

Special Month Series

Students learn the origin of many special months throughout the year.

Liberty's Kids Series

Students engage in history through the historical-fiction video series, "Liberty's Kids". This set of activities/quizzes hold students accountable for being attentive during the episodes. (Videos are not included.)

U.S. Constitution Series

Student engage in an article-by-article / amendment-by-amendment journey of learning about the U.S. Constitution through engaging with the primary source text.

Presidential Inaugural Address Series

Students learn about the political process by reviewing, studying, and understanding the Inaugural Addresses given by U.S. Presidents through the actual text of their speeches.

Crash Course Series

Student engage with video instruction from the popular video series, Crash Course (available on YouTube). Students focus in on key elements of each video as they test their knowledge acquired through open-ended questions and multiple choice quizzes.